Outdoor Furniture Connection can completely refinish, re-strap or repair your furniture at a fraction of the replacement price. With today’s economy being the way it is, it might be a better option. Let us come by and give you our expert opinion.

Our 10-Step Process to bringing your furniture back to life

  • We first take measurements of the furniture and all measurements are recorded.
  • We make a primary evaluation of the needed materials.
  • The furniture is then stripped of all vinyl straps or sling fabric.
  • We carefully inspect the furniture and make sure that every weld is structurally sound. Any welds that don’t pass our inspection are re-welded.
  • The furniture is then sand blasted and cleaned.
  • We then inspect the furniture again and replace any hardware that needs replacing.
  • The furniture is powder coated and then baked in an oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.
  • The furniture is re-inspected and the vinyl straps or sling fabric is installed.
  • The furniture then goes through final inspection. Once it passes final inspection, the frames are covered with temporary, heavy duty paper to protect the finish.
  • Finally the furniture is delivered back to the customer looking brand new!